A project with a vision of Peace in the Mediterranean region

What is the reason of reviving an ancient wonder nowadays? What are the eternal and diachronic values which ought to brought to light and further be explored? How Rhodes and the rest of the world can benefit from a modern day landmark?

A Brief Summary of the Project 

The idea concerns the creative revival of this ancient wonder in a modern, contemporary work-of-art that will bring out the invaluable and intangible characteristics and convey the symbolic values of the legendary monument.

The main source of inspiration comes from the 21st century re-visitation of the ancient wonder aimed at embodying the diachronic values of (world peace, friendship and cooperation) and at becoming an iconic project of Greek culture invested with an ecumenical ideological content.

The ultimate vision of the project is to promote Greek cultural heritage and re-establish Rhodes and Greece as atourism, cultural and diplomatic destination of international caliber. The Revived Colossus of Rhodes aspires to become an Architectural Landmark, a CulturalAchievement of our century, as well as, a neutral Venueof Peace, at the crossroads of three continents.

By engaging people and leadership motivated by a common vision the destination can be led into a marvelous / Colossal evolution.

The following charter-declaration (roadmap) is suggested in order to define the proper framework for the dissemination and the implementation of the idea of this undertaking, enabling it to become an eternal offer of Rhodes and of the Greek civilization to Humanity.


Charter- Roadmap for its ideal implementation

1. Concept 

The Colossus is the eternal legend of Rhodes which ought to be revived, without the intention of reconstructing a sterile replica of the mythical statue carrying with it any anachronistic or archaeological implications.

The philosophy and ambition behind,   is to become an evolutionary ideological continuation of the ancient monument, which was dedicated to the Sun god of Helios, to peace and freedom, and gain universal character and be presented as the Greek seal of the human centered and diachronic ideas of universal peace, friendship and the brotherhood of people, with a view to become a world landmark and a remarkable reference point.

2. Vision

“Just like the ancient Colossus was built as a tribute to the Sun God Helios, to freedom and peace, its future successor wonder, standing in the Mediterranean at the crossroads of three continents, aspires to become a global symbol of world peace and friendship among people and through the iconic emission of its eternal light to the human ideas and deeds, to establish Rhodes as a worldwide beacon by disseminating messages of hope and optimism to the expectations of all future generations.”

3. Implementation (International ArchitecturalCompetition) 

To give substance to this new landmark a call for an open international architect’s competition is proposed to secure artistic excellence and Innovative technological capability of global recognition.

An Honorary Selection Committee should be formed consisting of prominent figures from the world of politics, culture, literature, arts, sciences and technology, which should be placed under the aegis of the President of the Hellenic Republic to secure worldwide acknowledgment, international acceptance and transparency of the procedures.

4. Attracting funds and resources

A significant amount of funds could be secured by contributions by Municipal and Peripheral Authorities , Foundations , international organizations, the European Commission and UNESCO; but also through the activation of Greek and international prominent figures; in this respect Hellenes of Diaspora and philhellenes could become ambassadors of the idea and lead an International Fund-raising campaign.

5. Future Revenues – Avoiding commercialization

Following the relevant example of the revival of the Alexandria Library and to avoid any kind of commercialization, future project revenues should be reinvested to promoting Greek cultural legacy and the idea of global peace.

This would be achieved by creating:

A) A Theme Museum of the ancient Colossus and its history,

B)  An International Mediterranean Peace Center,which will house an excellent cultural multipurpose facility, technologically advanced, that will include a conference and exhibition center, an auditorium, and a concert hall able to host international caliber meetings, gala activities and events.

Best Practices: To avoid ambiguity a few examples of landmarks are mentioned below to function as best practices that added value, prestige and admiration in the cities –countries that have created them.https://colossusproject.org/category/best-practices/

• The New Library of Alexandria

• The Sydney Opera House

• The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

• The New Acropolis Museum

• The Cultural Center of Stavros Niarchos

6. Archaeological Research Center – Academic Chair of the Colossus

To make the overall effort sustainable for the future generations of young scientists, it is proposed that a significant share of project revenues  be attributed to the establishment of an Archaeological Research Center for the Colossus and its history but also an Academic Chair of  the Colossus that will aid in the research and study for archaeologists – researchers on issues related to the possible location or future findings of the ancient wonder according to the  new scientific standards  and methods.

7. Mediterranean Venue of Peace

The ultimate challenge of this undertaking is the establishment of the idea, that Rhodes can internationally claim the reputation of a “Neutral Island of Peace”, a dispute resolution place in the Mediterranean, especially due to the prevailing conditions of the acute refugee crisis, and through the successful implementation of the project of the Revival of the Colossus to be able to exercise soft power cultural diplomacy strategies in the area.

Rhodes, with its multicultural identity and prominent strategic location, constitutes the ideal venue to bridge cultures and ideas, to establish free dialogue and promote the universal and diachronic ideals of world peace and friendship amongst people and countries.


We are fully aware that it takes infinite courage, boldness, and valor to attain this noble achievement. After all, offering a memorable achievement of such scale represents a moral duty to historical Rhodes, an ethical debt to mythical Greece and an honorary obligation to humanity. Much like the Olympic Games, it is something so Hellenic that the whole country can benefit and at the same time so ecumenical that the whole world can gain.

It is our responsibility to humanity and mankind, to make a great leap forward, by drawing inspiration from our historic past and by mobilizing our most creative forces. It would become a great opportunity to regenerate, and reignite our most depleted virtues, while sending a message that we Greeks with the small country and the huge history do not remain trapped in this dormant state, but we progress in an enviable and admirable manner, by transforming our national introversion into cultural extroversion.”

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